Community Hall Booking System

Throughout the world, a Community Hall (also known as a Community Centre) is defined as a public building which is run for the benefit of the community. These buildings consist of at least one large room which is commonly used for a range of public and private events, such as community & council meetings, voting, sports clubs, local drama and dance productions, bring and buy / rummage sales and private parties. Often a Community Centre or Community Hall is found to have a charitable status.

Community halls play a major part in local public life in communities all around the world. They can serve as multi-purpose spaces, offering a location for activities as diverse as meetings, performances, sports events, art exhibitions, and much more.

The strength of these community hall spaces is in their flexibility and accessibility. This means that it is crucial for community halls to keep up with the changing needs and habits of customers, as the landscape of venue hire changes.

One major way for community hall venues to do this is by maintaining a modern, easy to use and secure online booking system.

How can Hallmaster’s International Community Hall Booking System help you?

Our software will save you time.

  • Streamline your Community Hall enquiry and venue booking system quickly, efficiently and avoid any double bookings.
  • Customers can view availability and make reservations online in real-time, reducing the amount of calls you take.
  • Authorised users can take control of bookings if you are ill or away.
  • Manage bookings for multiple rooms in your Community Centre or Community Hall.

The software can manage your Invoicing and track payments.

  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your. customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you. 


  • Publicise events, classes and meetings through Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Integration with your own website.
  • Help publicise those already using your Community Hall facilities to ensure their success.

Helps Generate and Track Income

  • Helps maximise the letting potential of your Community Centre or Community Hall and the rooms.
  • Gives visibility to your Community Centre or Community Hall 24 hours a day for as little as £2.50, ≈ US$3.34, ≈ AU$4.19 per week!
  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you.

Why use and online booking app?

So what is a booking app, and why would your business benefit from providing one to your customers?

Venues and accommodation services have been steadily moving to online booking systems for the past few years now. However, the data shows that if a venue – such as a gym for example – provides easy booking via a mobile app, then customers are much more likely to use that service.

Offering a mobile app version of your venue’s booking system provides your customers with all the benefits of an online booking service right at their fingertips, wherever they are. Online booking systems have already proven their effectiveness at increasing customer satisfaction, and in turn, increasing profits and customer retention for businesses.

Online booking not only makes the booking process more streamlined but also more flexible. It gives customers the control to view bookings and vacancies and select the date and time they would like in a direct way. It also gives the venues themselves the ability to manage bookings in a centralized and powerful way, saving time and money in the process.

Mobile apps can be used on devices such as Android and iPhone smartphones, tablets such as iPad, as well as other mobile devices. The simplicity and convenience afforded to customers by providing a mobile app version of their booking systems is becoming more necessary – and will only continue to grow in importance.

Why Hallmaster is the best booking app out there?

When making these vital changes and additions to your workflows, it is important to know that you are using the best online booking service available today. This is where Hallmaster comes in.

At Hallmaster, we have used our more than two decades of experience in creating online tools for businesses and developed the industry-leading booking solution we call Hallmaster.

How and online booking system can help your community hall

Traditionally, spaces such as community halls have relied on diaries, spreadsheets, or other more linear forms of booking systems. This has lead to a “back and forth” approach to venue booking, meaning that a customer must first enquire for available dates and spaces, then wait to hear back, then make a booking inquiry, and so on – the process can take a few different communications, and can lead to double bookings, dropped bookings, and more problems besides.

The beauty of online booking systems is in their simplicity – a simplicity that hides a deceptively powerful tool.

Online booking systems streamline the booking process, giving customers the ability to view available dates and times and make their booking – all at the same time, in the same place.

For venues such as community halls, this kind of functionality can be game-changing. As the need to serve a diverse array of customers and events increases, so does the need for venues to be as approachable and easy to use as possible. Online booking systems offer that and much more.

Why Hallmaster is the best choice of Booking System

Now you know how an online booking system can help venues like community halls, it’s important to find the best software options out there – this is where Hallmaster comes in.

At Hallmaster, we have used our more than two decades of experience in designing tailor-made online tools for businesses and created the final word in online booking systems.

The reason why our system works so well? Our blend of simplicity and power. Our finely crafted interfaces make the process of venue management easier than ever, while simultaneously making the booking process a breeze for customers.

Everything centers around the booking calendar, which can be embedded in any webpage you like. From here, customers can view venue availability, find empty halls for hire, and make their booking – all with a few clicks of the mouse, without ever leaving your website.

For venue administrators, the dashboard gives you access to venue management tools, allowing you to manage customers and bookings, control multiple venues from one place, generate invoices and reports, manage social media promotional campaigns, and much more.

Our rapidly growing international customer base is a testament to how much we’ve already helped venues all around the world to future-proof their booking systems, preparing them for the challenges of the modern landscape of venue hire – and we’re ready to help your community hall too.

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