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The Hallmaster Online Hall & Venue booking system provides a reliable and easy to use online reservation system for church halls, village halls, clubhouses, community centres and all other bookable function rooms. The hall booking software can be integrated within your existing website to allow venue bookings to be made 24/7, updating the hall or venue availability seamlessly.

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Booking System

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At Hallmaster International, we understand it’s difficult to generate income from your Community Halls and Event venues. Most are run by volunteer groups in their spare time, so managing the event bookings and subsequent invoicing can be very time consuming.With Hallmaster’s International Hall Booking and Invoice Management System, you can save time and help increase booking numbers! Our software enables your designated Hall Trustees and Committee Members to come together in one manageable online hall booking and invoicing payment tracking system. This helps to maximise the ability to rent out community halls and other local event venues and prevents duplicate bookings.
Hallmaster’s hall booking system is the preferred booking system for Village Halls throughout Scotland and the Rural Community Councils in England. This software has been developed in the UK, but we know the problems it solves are worldwide, so we’ve recently updated the software to accommodate International Halls using different currencies, allowing even more people to experience the unique and invaluable Hallmaster system.


The Hallmaster International Hall Booking and Invoice Management System provides a reliable and easy to use online reservation system for;

Town halls
Parish halls
Assembly halls
Community halls
Community centres

& all other bookable function rooms.

The hall booking system can be easily added into your existing website to provide;

Reliable real time events calendar.
24/7 booking and provisional booking arrangements.
Instant updates of the room, facility, hall or venue availability.
Double booking avoidance.
Missed phone call reduction.
Unnecessary paperwork prevention.
A view to the public of what is happening in your local area.

Try the Hallmaster booking system for FREE for 90 days and streamline your hall reservations & bookings.

The Benefits of using Hallmaster

Hallmaster is more than booking software – it’s a whole booking system. The benefits of using Hallmaster extend beyond keeping track of events and venues. It can help with the daily running of your venues. Here’s a quick look at just some of what Hallmaster is capable of.


Live Calendar


Tech Support


Manage Bookings


Issue Invoices


Manage Customers


Multi-user Management


Run Reports


Promote Events


Always Working


Regular Backups


Free Upgrades


GDPR Compliant


What people say about Hallmaster

Lesston Community Building – USA

How we managed before we had Hallmaster I shall never know!’ Lesston Community Building is a popular venue for meetings, functions and groups.  Meeting room and main hall available with state-of-the-art

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St Peters Church – Australia

No more double bookings, Fantastic!’ The venue is used extensively for a wide variety of activities including society meetings, craft workshops, fitness, dance, yoga and parties, and its 200 seat

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