Meeting Room Booking System

For venues of all kinds, right across the world, the landscape of venue booking is changing. Changes in customer habits, as well as evolving technologies, mean that there are more options than ever before for those looking to hire out rooms and other venues.

As the first point of contact for customers, and an important point of interaction for them as well, booking systems are perhaps the most important tool a meeting room venue can have. Having the right one that works and is easy to use can make the difference between losing a customer and keeping one for life.

All across the world, venues are transitioning to online-based booking systems for their rooms. But how can this be done easily, and why is Hallmaster the best choice out there for your venue?

Function Hall Booking System

How will Hallmaster International help…

The Booking Officer:

  • Provides real time room availability
  • Receives 24/7 provisional bookings (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • Checks for and flags up double bookings
  • Can easily add and manage frequent customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Multiple administrator access to maintain hall management when an administrator is away
  • Simple and seamless website integration within your own website
  • Creates reports on the occupancy and booking trends within the venue
  • Environmentally friendly – Hallmaster International reduces the paper consumption of an average hall by 60%

The Event Organiser:

  • Is provided with their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Is capable of making a Booking Request from the Hallmaster calendar (if enabled) This Booking Request is then immediately sent to the Booking Officer to be confirmed
  • Up to date availability, contact details and venue information of the event is displayed 24/7 (Only when set to Public)
  • Is able to hide events when they are set to Private
  • Is allowed to promote their own website or social media page

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the Hallmaster International add ons such as the Calendar, Schedular and Agenda Screens. Each of these add ons can be seamlessly integrated into a community website.
  • This increased level of information on the community website enables a more vivid representation of the event, therefore reducing the volume of unnecessary calls to the Booking Officer.

Why use an online Booking System?

For businesses that hire out rooms and venue spaces, having a booking system has usually always meant one thing: a pen and paper system, such as either a diary or calendar.

These systems have always had significant drawbacks.

One main drawback is that it can hamper the flexibility of a venue to cater to any and all types of events. Venues like meeting rooms pride themselves on being dynamic, and able to cater to any kind of client. Having a venue that can host such a variety of events can mean a wider pool of clients from which they can draw.

However, a pen and paper booking system – such as a calendar – can inhibit this flexibility. One meeting will have very different needs and requirements to another, and as such will need different types of booking systems. Calendars and diaries are limited by their very nature.

This is partly what explains the huge shift that has taken place in the world of venue hire from pen and paper booking systems to online, digital booking systems.

Does the venue need to know how many people are attending? Will they need special arrangements, such as extra chairs or a projector? An online booking system can cater for those needs automatically, making sure that a booking is correct every single time.

They also help prevent double or dropped bookings. With digital precision and a centralized system, all the important information is gathered in one place for everyone to see, all at once. This live-view of all the data eliminates miscommunications that have always plagued more traditional booking systems.

But as with all transformative systems, it’s vital that you find the best one for your meeting room venue. That’s where Hallmaster comes in.

"An online booking system can adapt to the needs of each individual customer and event.”

Why Hallmaster is the best choice for your venue

Our team has over two decades of experience designing specially tailored online tools and spaces for businesses of all kinds. Using this knowledge, we have created the final word in online booking systems – Hallmaster.

The secret behind why Hallmaster is favored by so many venues? Our powerful combination of centralized systems and expansive user customization.

Every aspect of Hallmaster can be tailored to meet the needs of your particular venue – and everyone involved can feel like they are in control, from a customer making a booking, to a venue admin managing the schedule.

For customers, the booking calendar app is an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, which can be embedded directly on your venue’s webpage. Without ever needing to leave your homepage, customers can view vacant time slots and rooms and make a booking, all with a click of the mouse.

For venue admins, everything centers around the dashboard. From here, multiple admins can manage multiple venues. From the dashboard, admins can view bookings, generate reports and invoices, and even manage social media promotions – all from one place. Customize which tools you use, while maintaining the kind of management style you’ve always had.

With Hallmaster powering your meeting room’s online booking system, you can be ready for anything the future may hold.

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