Sports Hall Booking System

With sporting and fitness classes becoming increasingly popular, community and village halls have seen a substantial increase in demand for hosting classes at their venues. From Yoga to Judo, people of all ages are keen to get involved in keeping fit and attending classes that are regularly and easily accessible to them in their local community. A sporting Hall, commonly used for tennis, badminton, football and is a place where like minded people are able to get together to partake in regular exercise to improve not only their physical health, but their mental health and wellbeing too.

How will Hallmaster International help…

The Booking Officer:

  • Provides real time room availability
  • Receives 24/7 provisional bookings (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • Checks for and flags up double bookings
  • Can easily add and manage frequent customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Multiple administrator access to maintain hall management when an administrator is away
  • Simple and seamless website integration within your own website
  • Creates reports on the occupancy and booking trends within the venue
  • Environmentally friendly – Hallmaster International reduces the paper consumption of an average hall by 60%

The Event Organiser:

  • Is provided with their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Is capable of making a Booking Request from the Hallmaster calendar (if enabled) This Booking Request is then immediately sent to the Booking Officer to be confirmed
  • Up to date availability, contact details and venue information of the event is displayed 24/7 (Only when set to Public)
  • Is able to hide events when they are set to Private
  • Is allowed to promote their own website or social media page

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the Hallmaster International add ons such as the Calendar, Schedular and Agenda Screens. Each of these add ons can be seamlessly integrated into a community website.
  • This increased level of information on the community website enables a more vivid representation of the event, therefore reducing the volume of unnecessary calls to the Booking Officer.

How can Hallmaster’s International Sports Hall Booking System help you?

We are sure many of your staff are already very busy with other areas of the hall, so why not let Hallmaster take away the pain of the booking process – whilst still giving you complete control over each transaction.

Hallmaster can be used with halls like yours, to create a online hall booking system, allowing your customers to book in their sessions online, reducing time and call booking volumes.

With the venue having the overriding rights as the administrators, you are able to manage what rooms are available to book, as well as which day and time. You will also be able to work with your customers to manage extra levels of detail, such as access to booking extra rooms such as a cloakroom and other facilities, and add extra costs to the hall booking.

Other benefits you will be able to offer your clients through our online booking system for fitness classes include maximum capacity settings, and a pre-defined buffer to each booking to allow for cleaning and new class set up, something we know is more important than ever at the moment. Regular clients will be able to book recurring sessions online, and you as the administrator will be able to monitor the booking requests, ensuring there is no overlap or double booking issues.

An online booking system can adapt to the needs of each individual customer and event.”

Contact Hallmaster today!

Hallmaster offers far more than an online fitness booking system, we also provide a simple invoice payment and tracking system. This means that your staff will never miss out on charging a customer for their classes they host within your venue, and you will easily be able to keep a clear track of your finances, with clear visibility of which customers have paid and who may still owe money.

We know how important revenue and bookings are for your hall, and how important the venue booking process is for your clients. We already work with many venues like yours, so let us support you with the UK’s leading activity booking system. We offer dedicated UK based support and a 90-day free trialget in touch with our friendly team now to discuss the options that are available