Multiple Venues Booking System

Hallmaster international booking system for multiple venues

Town Councils, Parish Councils, Consortiums, Co-Operatives are some of the types of organisations who manage multiple venues in one easy to manage place using Hallmaster. Some of which choose to oversee to management of multiple venues by other committee members.

How will Hallmaster International help…

The Multi Venue Administrator

  • 24/7 access allowing management of all venues under one account
  • View and amend bookings, invoicing and reports for all venues
  • Add or amend other administrators for each venue
  • Access to audit information of administrator activity
  • A license which will cover all venues under one account

The Bookings

  • Provides real time room availability
  • Receives 24/7 provisional bookings (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • Checks for and flags up double bookings
  • Can easily add and manage frequent customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Multiple administrator access to maintain hall management when an administrator is away
  • Simple and seamless website integration within your own website
  • Creates reports on the occupancy and booking trends within the venue
  • Environmentally friendly – Hallmaster International reduces the paper consumption of an average hall by 60%

The Event Organiser

  • Is provided with their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Is capable of making a Booking Request from the Hallmaster calendar (if enabled) This Booking Request is then immediately sent to the Booking Officer to be confirmed
  • Up to date availability, contact details and venue information of the event is displayed 24/7 (Only when set to Public)
  • Is able to hide events when they are set to Private
  • Is allowed to promote their own website or social media page

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the Hallmaster International add-ons such as the Calendar, Scheduler and Agenda Screens. Each of these add-ons can be seamlessly integrated into a community website.
  • This increased level of information on the community website enables a more vivid representation of the event, therefore reducing the volume of unnecessary calls to the Booking Officer.

Why Use an Online Booking System for Multiple Venues?

For many organisations and businesses, venue booking has looked the same for generations: pen and paper diaries, and several back-and-forth discussions between venue and customer until a booking is made.

This may have worked in the past, but changes in the kind of customers who are hiring venues, as well as changes in customer behaviour in general, have meant that venues of all types have needed to update their workflows to meet these new needs.

Those managing multiple venues at once, like community hubs, Quaker meeting houses, town and parish councils, schools hiring out their facilities, and many more – are finding that their existing booking systems are lagging behind these changes in the business landscape, and are facing the necessity of changing how they run their operations.

This does not need to be a difficult transition, however, and finding the right online booking software can help organisations manage the entire booking process for multiple venues at once, all from one place. All of this can be done even while increasing the revenue your venue generates by eliminating double bookings and making the whole booking process more direct and customer-friendly.

Why Hallmaster is the Best Multi-Venue Booking Software

We here at Hallmaster have harnessed over two decades of experience in designing and implementing web-based tools and services for businesses of all kinds and created our industry-leading booking software.

The key to our software’s success lies in tying simplicity together with an arsenal of powerful tools.

It centres around the booking calendar; an interactive calendar that can be embedded directly on your venue’s webpage. This allows customers to view existing bookings, find vacancies, and make bookings, all from the same page, reducing the steps a customer needs to take in order to make their booking.

Behind this simplicity on the customer-facing side, lies the powerful tools available to venue managers. Hallmaster allows a booking officer to oversee bookings, customer queries, generate invoices, and even manage venue promotion over social media, all from the same dashboard. Not only that, but the software also supports multiple venue management all from one account, meaning a business can oversee multiple locations without having to open new accounts for each one.

It’s this kind of workflow streamlining that we at Hallmaster pride ourselves on, and is what sets our software apart from other booking solutions.

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Want to learn more about how Hallmaster can simplify the booking process for your venues? Contact us today! Our experts are available to talk you through every step of the process. Try our 90-day free trial to see for yourself how Hallmaster can modernise your booking system, with full support included, and no commitments needed!

If you want to try us out, our 90-day free trial offers a taste of what Hallmaster has to offer, with no commitments and full support included! Our team are available to guide you through the features of our software, and how it can help you and your venue.