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At Hallmaster, we’re guided by the philosophy of creating easy-to-use but powerful software that enables venues to do business their way, rather than getting in the way.

With so much great accounting software out there for businesses and organisations to use, we understand that it can be easy to find yourself using multiple pieces of software to accomplish different tasks. That’s why at Hallmaster, we’ve made sure to allow seamless connectivity between our system and the top accounting software in the world.

Do you have an accounting system that you already know and use? Great! With Hallmaster, your bookings and invoices can move fluidly from one system to another. This is software that gets out of the way, saves you time, and ultimately saves your venue money.

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With Hallmaster’s Invoicing Module, generating and sending invoices has never been easier.

The seamless integration of the invoicing module with the rest of the booking process means that invoicing in Hallmaster is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Track your venue’s bookings in the dashboard, view all outstanding payments, and fire off an invoice, all from the same page – and without re-entering the same information over and over again.

Everything in the Invoicing Module – as with the rest of Hallmaster – is designed to save you time, and save your venue money.

But beneath the surface of this easy-to-use tool is a wealth of features, all designed to help you charge for everything accurately and quickly. No more late invoices or forgotten bookings – with the Invoicing Module, you can be confident that every customer is charged correctly for their use of your venue, every time.

Additional Line Items


Add additional line items to account for those extra fees that can be easy to miss. Chair hire, admin fees, catering costs – anything not included in the main booking fee. Set these up on your venue’s admin page just once, and never worry about missing these details in an invoice again.

You can use line items to easily account for any variable charges that might be related to your venue. For example, if you need to include venue deposits in your invoices. 

Simply set up a “Deposit” line item once, and you will be able to include this in any invoice you make. The system is flexible, allowing you to set different deposit amounts for each venue if needed, by easily adjusting the amount manually whenever you generate an invoice.

Need to refund a deposit or include a discount? The line items section is perfect for this. Simply change the “Deposit” line item amount to a minus number when making your invoice.

The deceptively simple Additional Line Items feature in the Hallmaster Invoicing Module is a great example of the fusion of user-friendly ease-of-use and powerful flexibility.

Automatic Calculations


When first setting up your venue in Hallmaster, you can decide on specific charges for different rooms. Whether it’s your standard rate, a special charity rate, or a regular users rate for your loyal customers – simply assign these to your venues, and the Invoicing Tool will automatically work out the charges whenever you make an invoice.

Bulk Invoicing


Have multiple customers and bookings but don’t have time to create individual invoices for each? Hallmaster’s Bulk Invoicing tool lets you generate invoices for all your outstanding bookings in just 5 simple clicks.

Filter your bookings in any number of ways to choose the bookings you’d like to invoice, and Hallmaster will generate and send invoices to them all. This is just another way that Hallmaster’s invoicing systems can save you time.

Providing a Helpful Booking Overview


The Invoicing Tool isn’t just a fast and reliable way of generating and sending invoices – it is also a great way of seeing the status of your bookings, invoices, and payments.

From the invoicing page, you can get a bird’s-eye view of your venue’s invoicing situation.

With an intuitive filter system, with colour-coding to show whether payments are yet to be made, you can see at a glance everything that needs your attention. 

Is an invoice yet to be paid? It’ll show red in the list, with the number of overdue days telling you how late the payment is. 

Has only part of a payment been made? The invoice will show yellow, telling you how much more needs to be paid to settle the amount. 

The invoicing page has been carefully designed and developed to communicate as much information to the user in as little time as possible. Get all you need to know in a single click of the mouse when using the Hallmaster Invoicing Tool.

For this add-on module, there is an additional fee of £22 per year (+vat). It cannot be used as a stand alone tool and can only be used and bought with an existing approved Hallmaster license. Please note too that this is NOT an accounting package, but can be used in conjunction with most popular accounting software. Please contact us if you would like this added to your existing license or free trial.


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