Application Booking System

While the tools and workflows utilized by businesses may change, one rule will always remain: staying relevant is key to long-term success. This can come in all kinds of forms. In the current climate of the rise of remote working and changing customer habits, one of the main changes businesses are making is moving their customer service online.
For businesses such as venue hire and accommodation booking, having the best reservation software available is of paramount importance.
But while giving your business an online presence is a great start, increasingly this just isn’t enough for customers. This is where having an online booking app comes in.

How will Hallmaster International help…

Hallmaster Saves You Time

  • Provides real time room availability
  • Receives 24/7 provisional bookings (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • Checks for and flags up double bookings
  • Can easily add and manage frequent customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Multiple administrator access to maintain hall management when an administrator is away
  • Simple and seamless website integration within your own website
  • Creates reports on the occupancy and booking trends within the venue
  • Environmentally friendly – Hallmaster International reduces the paper consumption of an average hall by 60%

The Event Organiser

  • Is provided with their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Is capable of making a Booking Request from the Hallmaster calendar (if enabled) This Booking Request is then immediately sent to the Booking Officer to be confirmed
  • Up to date availability, contact details and venue information of the event is displayed 24/7 (Only when set to Public)
  • Is able to hide events when they are set to Private
  • Is allowed to promote their own website or social media page

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the Hallmaster International add ons such as the Calendar, Schedular and Agenda Screens. Each of these add ons can be seamlessly integrated into a community website.
  • This increased level of information on the community website enables a more vivid representation of the event, therefore reducing the volume of unnecessary calls to the Booking Officer.

Why use an online Booking App?

So what is a booking app, and why would your business benefit from providing one to your customers?

Venues and accommodation services have been steadily moving to online booking systems for the past few years now. However, the data shows that if a venue – such as a gym for example – provides easy booking via a mobile app, then customers are much more likely to use that service.

Offering a mobile app version of your venue’s booking system provides your customers with all the benefits of an online booking service right at their fingertips, wherever they are. Online booking systems have already proven their effectiveness at increasing customer satisfaction, and in turn, increasing profits and customer retention for businesses.

Online booking not only makes the booking process more streamlined but also more flexible. It gives customers the control to view bookings and vacancies and select the date and time they would like in a direct way. It also gives the venues themselves the ability to manage bookings in a centralized and powerful way, saving time and money in the process.

Mobile apps can be used on devices such as Android and iPhone smartphones, tablets such as iPad, as well as other mobile devices. The simplicity and convenience afforded to customers by providing a mobile app version of their booking systems is becoming more necessary – and will only continue to grow in importance.

Why Hallmaster is the best booking app out there

When making these vital changes and additions to your workflows, it is important to know that you are using the best online booking service available today. This is where Hallmaster comes in.

At Hallmaster, we have used our more than two decades of experience in creating online tools for businesses and developed the industry-leading booking solution we call Hallmaster.

Combining the simplicity of use with powerful functionality, the secret of Hallmaster is in its focused design.

For customers, everything centers around the calendar app. This can be embedded in any webpage and allows every party to see vacancies and make bookings – all without ever leaving your venue’s website. With our active web page apps, everything will adapt to fit whatever device the customer is using, whether that be a smartphone or a desktop computer, making it simple for your business to be accessible across every online platform there is.

For venues, the experience revolves around the dashboard. From here, multiple venue administrators can manage multiple venues, manage bookings, generate invoices, view reports, and even run social media promotional campaigns. The interface is designed to be simple to use and can offer as much or as little functionality as you and your business require.

At Hallmaster, we specialize in future-proofing booking systems for all venues, large and small.

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