Mobile Booking System

As more and more businesses and venues conduct the majority of their work online, the prevalence of online venue booking systems is inevitably increasing. For many venues, this move online is being prompted by changes in the marketplace. Venues of all kinds, from church halls to gyms, masonic halls to theatres – they are changing their systems to meet an increasingly diverse range of clients. Along with these changes in client-base inevitable come changes in working methods and organisational systems. This is where an online booking system – and ultimately a mobile booking system – can become a powerful tool for venues.

What is a Mobile Booking System?

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For a venue to accommodate its clients and their bookings, it must have some kind of booking system in place. In the past, this has consisted of pen-and-paper systems – perhaps an old diary or calendar kept and maintained by a bookings officer. But in the modern world of venue hire, clients expect and actively seek out online options for everything – especially when it comes to booking venue space.

In online booking systems, everything is streamlined and centralised.

With Hallmaster, a venue can embed a calendar directly onto their website, allowing clients to search for vacant times and places and make their bookings instantly. It also allows bookings officers to manage all bookings and clients from one intuitive interface. The beauty of a digital system is its automatic nature – it will refresh the calendar with live data, making sure both venue and client are seeing the same information at once. A mobile booking system is a natural extension of this. A truly great online booking system is capable of being viewed and interacted with on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

With around 84% of UK adults using a smartphone regularly, venues can no longer afford to ignore this platform!

Why Hallmaster is the Mobile Booking System For You

With over two decades of experience creating online spaces and tools for businesses, we at Hallmaster pride ourselves on helping venues and businesses move their systems online in an intuitive and easy way. We have created a powerful booking system that can handle multiple rooms per venue, with integrated business tools such as invoicing, social media integration and more.

But while our system has a huge amount to offer, we have kept our user interface simple and friendly.

The same is true for mobile functionality. All of our online tools are designed to be completely device-responsive, and will automatically adjust and adapt depending on the device used by the viewer. This is equally true for all web browsers, meaning that the system will adapt automatically, no matter which browser is being used. Add this to the fact that Hallmaster can be embedded into any pre-existing website and this means that your online calendar and bookings will look just as clear on a smartphone as they do on a desktop computer.

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