Squash Court Booking & Reservation System

With over twenty million regular players worldwide, squash is already one of the world’s favorite sports.

But with more people than ever looking for healthy activities, and squash recently being voted as the world’s healthiest sport, this popularity is only set to increase exponentially in the future.

With this existing popularity and the prospect of a steady influx of new players coming to the sport, it has never been more vital for squash courts and their facilities to ensure they have the best tools at their disposal. This is important not only to meet the expectations of their existing customers, but also to make sure that they can make the most of this stream of new players, and take on new customers.

How can Hallmaster’s International Squash Court Booking System help you?

The Booking Officer:

  • Provides real time room availability
  • Receives 24/7 provisional bookings (these need to be confirmed by you)
  • Checks for and flags up double bookings
  • Can easily add and manage frequent customers and their bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Automated booking confirmations
  • Multiple administrator access to maintain hall management when an administrator is away
  • Simple and seamless website integration within your own website
  • Creates reports on the occupancy and booking trends within the venue
  • Environmentally friendly – Hallmaster International reduces the paper consumption of an average hall by 60%

The Event Organiser:

  • Is provided with their own account where they can view their own bookings (and Invoices*)
  • Is capable of making a Booking Request from the Hallmaster calendar (if enabled) This Booking Request is then immediately sent to the Booking Officer to be confirmed
  • Up to date availability, contact details and venue information of the event is displayed 24/7 (Only when set to Public)
  • Is able to hide events when they are set to Private
  • Is allowed to promote their own website or social media page

The Local Community

  • Public events are displayed via the Hallmaster International add ons such as the Calendar, Schedular and Agenda Screens. Each of these add ons can be seamlessly integrated into a community website.
  • This increased level of information on the community website enables a more vivid representation of the event, therefore reducing the volume of unnecessary calls to the Booking Officer.

Why Use an Online Booking System For A Squash Court?

Many squash courts are important local facilities. Some are in large cities with thousands of regular customers, while others cater to a smaller demographic in towns or villages.

Whether your court is large or small, the reality of customer expectations is the same: people prefer booking online.

Many squash courts are still hampered by outdated booking systems, such as pen and paper diaries. These are often maintained by a small group of admins, who must be contacted directly for every booking request or availability inquiry.

While this has worked for decades, the reality is that these systems can no longer stand up to modern expectations.

Online booking systems centralize the experience, providing instant access for browsing squash players to view availability and make bookings quickly and safely in the knowledge that the information is up to date. This can also be massively beneficial to booking officers and squash court administrators – they are no longer required to respond personally to every single customer request, freeing them up and saving them time.

Why Hallmaster is the Best Choice for Squash Courts

Now that we can see how online booking systems are already benefiting many squash courts around the world, let’s see why Hallmaster is the best choice on the market.

At Hallmaster, we have used our more than two decades of experience in designing online tools for businesses of all kinds, and created Hallmaster – the gold standard in online venue booking systems.

The key to why Hallmaster is trusted by thousands of venues around the world is simple. We have combined a powerful suite of tools for venue admins with a clean design and ease-of-use that makes Hallmaster a breeze to use for customers and venue admins alike.

For customers, they can use the online booking calendar to view squash court availability and make booking requests. This can be embedded directly into your venue’s webpage, meaning customers can do all of this without ever needing to leave your site!

For squash court administrators, everything is based on the dashboard. This is your one-stop homepage for your venue, allowing you to manage everything from venue and facility information, hire charges, invoice creation, heating and security integration, and so much more. The beauty is that you can use as little or as many of these tools as you need – Hallmaster is here to help you run your venue, your way.

The secret is our blend of easy to use software and powerful functionality.

For customers, bookings can be made directly through the booking calendar, which can be embedded directly on a venue’s homepage. Any extra information, such as whether or not they need spare shuttlecocks, can also be included. With just a few clicks of the mouse, browsing guests can become customers, without ever having to leave your venue’s page.

For venue admins, sports halls can be managed all from the dashboard. From here, admins can control multiple venues, view booking and customer information, generate invoices and reports, and eleven manage social media promotional campaigns.

Hallmaster takes all the benefits of online booking systems and streamlines the process, making it easier than ever to future-proof your Squash court booking system.

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