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Allied Westminster - Hallmaster Evaluation, by Gavin Mitchell, Managing Director of Allied Westminster

Having spent decades in systems design inside and outside the insurance industry, including all of our internal systems at Allied Westminster, after spending a few hours on a trial version of Hallmaster I was extremely impressed.

With Allied Westminster being the largest supplier of Village Hall insurance in the UK, proudly numbering close to half of the village halls in the country as customers, I am not really surprised to hear so many people speak so highly of Hallmaster.

Key for any user is to first of all read the instruction manual, and follow the sequence of steps as recommended to set up the system for your village hall, otherwise you will find that you will be putting the cart before the horse from time to time and get confused. After that it is a joy to use.

The entire system is extremely intuitive, and very clearly caters for the needs of village and community halls, unlike many other booking systems out there on the web.

I loved the automated mailing system, allowing you to customise the messages.

The system also allows for website integration for halls that would like to embed the system onto their own website.

Over the years I am pleased to say that we have had very few Trustee Indemnity claims, however most of those have been related to manual administrative errors in managing bookings for village halls, the most common issue being double bookings by different trustees in the same halls. Hallmaster mitigates this risk, and as I write in these uncertain times of the Covid pandemic, it is all the more important to keep track of who wants to use the hall and when, how many people and related information, and what special arrangements need to be in place.

It’s a great system, and surprisingly affordable. I would strongly suggest Trustees consider using it to mitigate and manage risk, and improve administrative efficiency.

Gavin J. Mitchell
Managing Director
Allied Westminster Insurance

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