Community Centre Booking & Reservation System

For venues of all types, new workflows and business practices are being shaped by changing customer habits and expectations. For venues such as community centers, the need to maintain an effective and user-friendly booking service for their customers is of utmost importance. It is often a customer’s first point of contact with the venue and can make or break whether or not they go ahead with a booking. For many venues like community centers, making use of an online booking service is the go-to way to prepare their systems for these changing customer expectations. 

How can Hallmaster’s International Community Centre
Booking System help you?

Our software will save you time.

  • Streamline your Community Hall enquiry and venue booking system quickly, efficiently and avoid any double bookings.
  • Customers can view availability and make reservations online in real-time, reducing the amount of calls you take.
  • Authorised users can take control of bookings if you are ill or away.
  • Manage bookings for multiple rooms in your Community Centre or Community Hall.

The software can manage your Invoicing and track payments.

  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your. customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you.

It will Promote.

  • Publicise events, classes and meetings through Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Integration with your own website.
  • Help publicise those already using your Community Hall facilities to ensure their success.

Helps Generate and Track Income

  • Helps maximise the letting potential of your Community Centre or Community Hall and the rooms.
    Gives visibility to your Community Centre or Community Hall 24 hours a day for as little as £2.50, ≈ US$3.34, ≈ AU$4.19 per week!
  • Invoicing and payment tracking allows you to easily send out invoices to your customers and keep track on who owes you.
  • Run easy to read reports on which bookings are making more money for you.

Why use an online booking system for your community centre?

The key to online booking systems is their potential to combine ease-of-use with streamlined and efficient systems.

Community centers are often the heart of a local community. They serve as multi-purpose spaces, providing for everything from town hall meetings to charity events, and local club meetups to live performances. This diversity of use necessitates a robust booking system that can accommodate a wide range of potential customers.

Community centers have traditionally often been managed by local volunteers, and the booking systems they use have tended to be pen-and-paper or unwieldy spreadsheets that quickly become too large to function. This can lead to double bookings, lost information, and a multitude of other issues.

With online booking systems, these problems can be virtually entirely eliminated. They can centralize the booking process, and have all bookings for all customers and events all in one place, for all to see. This has already been proven to not only make double bookings a thing of the past but also increase the customer capacity for venues by reducing paperwork and bureaucracy that can hamper the booking experience.

For venues looking to make the switch to online booking, they need the best service there is. This is where Hallmaster comes in.

Why Hallmaster is the best choice

Here at Hallmaster, we have used our more than two decades of experience in designing and deploying web-based tools for businesses and created what has become the industry leader in online booking systems.

Our secret? Giving venue administrators as much power as they need while keeping the interface as simple as possible for both customers and venues.

Everything centers on the dashboard, from which administrators can manage multiple venues all at once. Here, admins can manage booking calendars by embedding them directly in their venues website, generate reports, create invoices, and even control whole social media promotional campaigns.

For customers, the booking calendar makes finding available dates and rooms easy. Once they are ready to make their booking, they can do so with a simple click of their mouse – all without needing to leave your community center’s webpage.

With our Hallmaster now being used to manage venues of all kinds right around the globe, we are ready to transform your community center’s booking system.

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